Coca Cola 12 Pack Free Coupon

I have to tell you about my latest find. You will want to take along this deal when you do your next grocery shopping! It is a Coca Cola 12 Pack Free Coupon. It is GOOD FOR ANY twelve pack of COCA COLA PRODUCT, not just the cola but any of their great products.

The rising cost of soft drinks like everything else is just going up faster than our paychecks but this coupon really helps out. I was grocery shopping at the store the other day and a woman about the same age as me was in the soft drink isle next to me. She was complaining about the cost of soft drinks and especially the 12 pack boxes and how her kids go though the drinks like water. I showed her my coupon and she couldn’t believe it. She said she was going see about getting her’s as soon as she got home.

Here is what I do. I wait until there is no sale on to use these coupons. Of course there is only one coupon per visit and you have to pay the environment levies and taxes where applicable but it is still a great deal.

I like to pack one in my lunch especially when you see the cost in a vending machine. That translates into a huge saving for me and there is nothing more refreshing than a nice soda in the mid-afternoon while sitting at my desk working.

Find your Coca Cola 12 Pack Free Coupon today. You don’t want to miss out on this one.

Coupon for Free Coca Cola 12 Pack

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1 Emily N. February 18, 2012 at 5:37 pm

Between my husband and I, we go through 3 12-packs of Coke every week.

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