Clear Care $3 Off Coupon

Here’s a great deal for any of you who wear contact lenses. There’s this great coupon for $3 Off Clear Care. It’s for the No Rub Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution Ciba Vision. It is good at any retailer is the United States and when you find a store that already has a sale on these, this coupon just makes the deal even sweeter.

My optometrist recommended Clear Care to me when I got my new contact lenses last month. I have had no issues with them since I started using this product. I am sure you will see the difference… no pun intended. It is so easy for me to use.

I hesitated at the counter when I was buying it but the girl who works at our local department store told me she used it and wouldn’t use any other product so I thought I would give it a try. Having the coupon made it easier for me to make my decision to give it a go.

They come in different size packages but there is no restriction and you can often get two packages on sale together that makes it even a better deal. Keep your eyes clear to see the savings as they come up. Oh, look at me just making pun after pun. But there is no pun on this $3 off coupon for Clear Care No Rub Cleaning and Disinfecting Product. You’ll see 😉

Coupon for Save $3 Clear Care

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1 Rebecca Sampson February 27, 2012 at 4:22 pm

Both my husband and I go through a few bottles a month.

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