Brita Pitcher or Faucet Mount System Save $4 Coupon

The price of everything is going up!  I was surprised to see that even water costs so much money these days.  And right now there’s this coupon for $4 off a Brita Pitcher or a Faucet Mount System that could end up saving you hundreds and hundreds of dollars at the price they are charging these days, lol.

Why just the other day I was in the supermarket and the cost of water was more than the cost of milk!  Anyway, this Brita system was a deal. The water is clear, tastes good and you are saving money plus!  I have used the Brita system for more than fifteen years now and I thought I could certainly do with another pitcher but I wanted to try out the faucet mount. This would be a great way to do it. I found the faucet mount on sale and it cost me very little for great tasting water. I know I am saving the environment too but not buying all those plastic water bottles. Before I got the Brita system I was lugging jugs of water from one of those water purifying systems in the grocery store.  Those are way too heavy and if I couldn’t find someone to help me get it into my car it was a terrible struggle.

I strongly recommend this coupon for Brita Pitcher or Faucet Mount System and to save $4. You too can have great tasting water at a great price. Looks like the coupon is only good in the US or Canada.

Save $4 with Coupon for Brita Pitcher or Faucet Mount System

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1 Kara B. April 11, 2012 at 7:07 pm

Does anyone know where I can get those little ones for the bottles you see advertised on commercials?

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