Bayer Aspirin Product $3 Off Coupon

Just saw this coupon for $3.00 off any Bayer Aspirin product. Any coupon for aspirin is usually too good to pass up. The coupon was for any Bayer Aspirin product size of 20 or larger. It looks like it would be good wherever they sell Bayer products.

For years other aspirin companies have tried to take over the market with their claims. But you know what, I’ve tried most of them and I keep coming back to the old faithful Bayer aspirin. It worked for me when I was a teenager and it works for me now. I know I can count on it for relief of my pain so when I saw this coupon I was delighted.

The store I use often had a sale on Bayer Aspirin and a coupon would have made it a great deal. I had used up the last of my pain reliever just the other day when I had the worst headache I had had in years. It started the minute I got up and stepped on my dog’s partially chewed pull toy and banged my elbow. There was no hot water for my shower and the newspaper thrown on my step was too wet the read! Then I missed the bus to work. The day just went down hill from there. I don’t ever want a day like that again!

A coupon like this would have been great, it would have saved me a few dollars so I can get a new pull toy for my Mandy and I’ll make sure next time, to have the pain relief on hand in case she leaves it lying around for me to trip on again loll

If you can find one of these Bayer Aspirin $3 off coupon it’ll be one you won’t want to pass on!

Coupon for $3 Off Bayer Aspirin Product

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